Thursday, August 28, 2008

1393. A Keuffel & Esser planimeter, model No. 4212, this is a drafting instrument used to measure area.

1394. A corn harvester, for cutting corn stalks at the base without bending over, patent number 471,889, a modern version is still sold today.

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1395. A barrel cresset, according to this site:
...scrap wood shavings are put in an iron basket called a "cresset", placed in the center of the barrel, and lit. The fire warms the wood allowing the fibers to relax so the cooper can gradually hammer progressively tighter metal hoops around the barrel until it forms the finished shape-a process called "trussing."

1396. These are both lightning rod balls, they were also used on weathervanes and were available in many different styles.

1397. This weight was used for calibrating scales, though they were also used for other purposes. Some of them have a small cavity on the bottom that is filled with lead in order to get the weight exact.

These are horse tethering weights:

1398. A hay fork, patent number 64,863:

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It would be in this position when loaded with hay:

The fork would be tied to a rope that would go to the hay carrier and would be be lifted to the barn loft or top of a hay stack. When the fork arrived at the location where it was to be unloaded the person in the loft would then pull down on the trip rope, causing the diagonal bar to hinge down in the middle, and the weight of the hay on the tines would cause it to tip and release the hay.

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